A Modern Human (Part II)

There are many who have gone before us on this evolutionary adventure. Countless millions of generations have been used for evolving our physical bodies forward to the point of this new assignment. For eons, we toiled and labored with these bodies to arrive at this place in time. We can learn from their efforts of surviving and dominating, of weaponry and war – we do not need to repeat these actions. Our bodies are now finely tuned instruments: to be kept healthy, happy whole and holy; to nourish with food that is food; to exercise for both strength and flexibility; and to carry our consciousness on its vast evolutionary path.

To know that our ancestors are all the time equally present in their truest sense provides a sense of gratitude for this progress. Aspects are always dying for something new to be born. One develops the next generation to be more advanced, not to repeat. The present child is born as a body of worship with a mind of wonder – not an action figure that wanders through insecurity and conquers with aggression. This is how these new Crystal (which means Christal in Aramaic) children are to be raised.

The early development of a modern child’s DNA must focus on expanding consciousness or else it will become completely bored. The new human brain, built for discovery, if limited to memorization and testing, will break down. The school’s focus on logic and testing will create a neurological rebellion because the creative and magical facets are being ignored. This is the root cause of dyslexia, depression and ADD/ADHD – epidemics in today’s schools.

This same bored child grows up seeking fulfillment and relief outside itself – an endless battle of work without succeeding to be fulfilled, but producing a lifetime of chasing and competing with the world.

When these wants are not readily met, negativity becomes a lifestyle. How many have you met today who are trapped in these skins? Treated by drugs of the street, the bar, the pharmacy, the workplace or consumption?

We must transform and transpose how we raise and educate these new children. This is the next evolution. We are now crossing over the starting line in an inspired journey. It is time to become our greatest greatness. Love to learn to enjoy this new evolution of human consciousness; the greatest possibility of life is counting on you.