A Modern Human (Part I)

A modern human lives in a marvelously calibrated worship body; it is not a work body of any sorts. We do not fly, jump, swim, lift or run as mightily as most animals. We are born, more or less, completely helpless – and for a great reason. Over the last seven million years of our upright two-legged evolution, nature built the human anatomy for the achievement of our ultimate human purpose – oneness in awareness and capable of processing enlightenment. We have reached the physical stage now, where we are crossing over from our old purpose of survival and its many processes of physical achievement, to an entirely new era. These survival emotions of fear and aggression are now to be discarded and replaced by the new evolutionary intention. It is upon us today, and for those who are playing attention, we are living it.

The human child is born helpless and innocent. It takes longer to mature than any other species. Even walking takes a very long time by comparison – the horse and the deer are walking within a day. Through this inborn set of frailties, we are forced to develop our higher assets of complex reasoning early on. The human child is not destined to labor, but is stimulated to awaken its power of awareness, to expand its brilliance and enlighten itself from the collective human consciousness; being born physically helpless aids in this journey.

Learn to observe and encourage the children as they embark on this adventure. It has little to do with older, more fear-based traditions of our cultures, our religions and our national interests.