A Creative Miracle


Human beings are a ‘creative miracle’, living inside a physical body, made up of physical cells. When your awareness approaches the threshold of your higher nature -- experiences the deeper sensations of life at the core of all time, within all space -- the miracle within these physical cells is born. Amongst all of these cells, your skin is the body’s largest organ. Your skin has an incredibly vast collection of nano-crystals just below its surface; the energy generated by your higher awareness causes these crystals to emit a light -- invisible to your senses -- it mixes with more light produced by your electromagnetic aura. This intersection initiates the ‘creative miracle’ at the threshold of your higher nature. The mixture of all this light communicates directly about who you are as a person. Your words only tell the world what you want to say, this mixture tells the world who you've been forever. In the midst of all this 'light' action, your brain receives 7,000 micro-thoughts per beat of the heart . . . 1,000 per blink of the eye; it's the correlation of the light and these thoughts that records and shapes each moment -- and has been recording and shaping every moment throughout all of your lives. Right now -- in this moment -- there’s an accumulation of these recordings . . . it’s the history that guides your future. As your awareness approaches the threshold of its higher nature, you become skilled in using this light with your new micro-thoughts as prayers, as guiding tools to transform this historical recording into the coming moments. . . this is your human birthright . . . this is the birthplace of your miracles. Our prayer is that you practice your daily prayers and meditations to arrive at the threshold of your higher nature; that you use this opportunity to transform your time and space; that you teach others to transform theirs as well, and bring about a world in which humanity miraculously stops competing and combating, and starts fulfilling the dreams that they dream.