A Commitment Or A Decision Is An Act of Faith and Trust - Faith And Trust Are Products of Time


We are all so masculinated. Isn't it interesting when you try to think that happiness isn't about space. Happiness is not about where you live or who you're with. That is all space. Happiness is a choice to be in this moment, which is the only way we can experience time. You can have a concept of the past and a concept of the future and they can both disrupt you emotionally, which means that things that don't actually exist are having an effect on something that does actually exist as an illusion. These are micro decisions that you make with every breath that you take. A person who cannot make a commitment, a person who cannot make a decision has no relationship with time. A commitment and a decision is an act of faith and trust and faith and trust are products of time. They are feminine. When a man tries to get his masculine head around something, he goes: let me make a model, let me study it. With a sail do you actually catch the wind? No, you use the wind. The wind goes on, you do not catch it at all. You do not capture the wind to use the wind. You do not have to capture the time to use the time, you just need to set the sails of your attitude up into the winds of time and fail to succeed. I don't mean fail to succeed . . . your failures will lead to your success. There is an old saying that has held true for a long time: it is better to know what not to do than to know what to do if you want to succeed. How do you learn what not to do? By making mistakes. How many have ever made a mistake? Raise your hand, do it. How many have made more than one mistake? Raise the other hand . . . now, what does it look like when both your arms are up like that? It means I surrender, which becomes victory. I hope this has made no sense because sense is a masculine measurement. Your five senses can only measure space, they react to time. Don't think about that.Because your brain comes in, brain is masculine, your brain comes in and says: ok, this guy that you have been reading has been telling you to surrender to the femininity of time Your brain is not going to be an adviser in this condition so do not think about it. Most people use their body as a truck to carry around their brain and their stomach so they can take their body over here and figure out what they are going to eat. The body is an incredible instrument that allows you to react to time. What does the sailor need to do in order to be able to use the sail of the wind? He needs to react to the wind. Do you just put up your sails and let the wind direction be damned? The wind direction is always changing, time is always changing, whether you are going to have a good time or bad time is always changing, pressures, cosmic pressures, gravitational field, the moon's angle . . . time is constantly changing, the winds are constantly changing. That's why meteorology is such a ridiculous thing to call a science. It's an art. If there is ten percent chance of rain and it rains, it's raining a hundred percent. Do you ever think about that? An artist says, yea looks good. What does that mean? A scientist says, looks like three inches of red paint. Science measures space. Art responds to time. So the last bit: the heart. Time or space? Time. Masculine or feminine? Feminine. I can't get my heart into this because it will make a stupid decision, right? The heart doesn't actually make a decision. The heart just simply has a timing. Those who don't want to be a heart, they want to be a space. They want to be measurable. I am cool, I am cool, I am way too cool to do that. Because they want to be measured, yes? When you're really dancing, are you following your brain or are you out of your mind? When you're really relating to somebody are you in your brain or out of your mind? That's what people who aren't able to be in relationship think about, why can't I? Think about, why can't I? You shouldn't think about it and you shouldn't ever think about, why can't I . . . because if you think, why can't I you're going to get an answer as to why you can't. If you're going to think about anything think about, yes I can. If you really want to demolish space, think yes, I am, Humee Hum Brahm Hum . . . what is to be already is. The illusion, the concept of time will sequence the event until I am finally ready to say, yes I have, I yes I am.