A Clear Path


This is the information age -- the public conversation, the noise in the background of the collective psyche has become destabilizing to the human mindset. There's a need for a clear path. Most of humanity is in a state of confusion, grasping for straws of stability in the winds of information. Within this atmosphere of overload, within the noise-fields that are at play, increasing your intuitive mind must also have a filter for the information stream . . . otherwise it’s a play with “chaos” as the main character. Not only is the increased intuition receiving a barrage from the universal mind, there are insistent echoes and reflections being processed by your empathic body . . . all deeply affected by the thoughts and feelings of the confusion around you. As you increase this intuition, the empathic connection becomes increasingly inquisitive . . . you swim in an ocean of storming information. It’s now essential that you have a purposeful point of focus -- a mission that acts like a guide in the ocean -- an order to decipher the messages of your mission from the mess of public impressions, echoing around the massive public confusion. To cross this ocean of information, you must dedicate and rededicate to your purpose and read beyond the mess in the messages. Increase your intuition and inquisition; combine purpose with a practice of conscious breathing . . . controlling your breath, filters your brain. You’ll still receive the mess of messages, but you’ll separate out the noise; increase your relevant balance and equilibrium, and find your keys in the chaos. Our prayer is that you put a filter on your focus; practice conscious breathing; dedicate your moments to the movement of your inspiration; learn to use the keys within the chaos; ride the wave of information with a disciplined intuition toward your dreams that are there to be fulfilled.