The Gut Brain


The gut brain is the teacher of mystics and intuitives; the heart brain is the teacher of masters and compassionates; the head brain is the teacher of the intelligent sentinels, the heroes, but also the thieves. The sentinels are confusing this world with their two dimensional rules of limitations. The heroes are working feverishly to enforce these rules. The thieves are stepping into positions of false authority; recreating the rules in their favor; pillaging the three dimensions of space, and stealing the fourth dimension of everyone’s time. The ultimate result is that humans on Earth are running out of time and could be dancing on the threshold of extinction. This is the disaster evolution of life has arrived at on this planet, and humans here are operating at one of the lowest possible levels of human existence. But, you’ve arrived here on Earth as a witness to this mess -- and you’re not just the witness -- you possess a powerful ability to transform the future and fulfill a destiny. There are planets in other star-systems within this Universe and far beyond it . . . star-systems where human life is millions, even billions of years more advanced than it is here. These are the systems that you've lived in and are sent from -- sent here to this planet in its moment of cataclysmic crisis. You know the higher dimensions of life that are possible, but you've been in this planet’s mess for so long that you've almost forgotten your assignment. The limitations, doubts and corruptions of the sentinels, heroes and thieves are extremely contagious. You’re a master of the heart’s connections -- the gut’s hunches, and you know the traps of the contageous two dimensional comparisons, competitions, and wars. You know that life, when lived for profit and advantage, becomes a total loss with complete disadvantage. You know this, but you've nearly forgotten. Our prayer is that you remember the authority that goes with your wisdom, and then acknowledge that you're the one with wisdom . . . not the only one, but one of the ones with authority to break through the limits; discount the thieves, and change human destiny. You’re the one and right now is the time.