What Is Your ‘Cult-ure’? 

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The label of being a “cult” is a long used aggressive method -- a weaponized phrase -- for pre-defeating the ingenuity of new ideas and other-dimensional practices that compete with the established dominance of existing traditions. It’s a scare tactic; a label-based weapon used by existing orders and organizations, who themselves began as cults of their own, all those many years and even centuries before. Politically it would represent decades and religiously it’s even centuries ago that these cults first began and are now established as traditions, orders, and accepted organizations. The word ‘cult’ is the first syllable of culture, and the root of the word to cultivate. This means having a beginning; of growing, and of presenting solutions to a present moment. The bastardization of the word occult, was an attempt to defeat anyone who’d dare practice methods of higher consciousness . . . those reserved for the “chosen” -- the prophets.

Not every cult will succeed in cultivating a meaningful culture. Not every culture is going to end up being a beneficial path. Not every effort to cultivate progress will progress in the way it’s intended to. Your heart is the strongest muscle and the first organ produced in your body, and the last organ to perish when you pass. The word for heart in French is (cœur) and a word for time is (age). This etymology of the word courage means "a time of the heart." It takes courage for you to go out on the limbs and ledges of time; to risk cultivating ideas and means of developing cultures that succeed over the failures of present traditions. It’s always safer to play by the rules, even if those rules are failing and the traditions are dying.

Our prayer is that you will risk being labeled a cult; that you’ll step out beyond the limbs of tradition and cultivate a future that has a future, and in the culture of what you create, you’ll have the courage to resist any stigma of labels, and accept the benevolence and importance of your cultivating efforts. 

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