Being Right


When you calibrate your senses to find something, you will find something. You calibrate your senses by creating a habitual thought pattern. In other words, if you think someone is a jerk, habitually you think someone is a jerk, they will not be able to prove otherwise. Your receptive only to the components of their activity that are a jerk. Now it's really obvious from this long winded description that this is fiction. That this opinion that this person is a jerk is fictional. This person is many things including they have some jerkiness about them but the only particles that you are receiving in your receptacles are the jerky particles and therefore, that person is an absolutely certifiable jerk by your view. You could go to great lengths to describe how that person is what that person is because you have mastered this in the evolutionary process of surviving.

The only way that you can survive in the survival of the fitness is to be right. Forget happiness and fulfillment because this is not a means to survival. As a matter of fact, if in that survival of the fittest you become too happy, you're destroyed and yet it is the human goal to be happy but our evolutionary training is to be right. So the moment you align the fact that someone is a jerk, you got to be right and you have to convince as many people around you that you are right because you have to gather your clan so you will spread the word, that's a jerk, that's a jerk. Then the only ones you will align with are the ones who will agree with you because the old ancient survival tactic is that you had to be surrounded with like minded otherwise they didn't have your back. Now this all goes on in what is known as the vast unconscious. None of this goes on in the cognitive reasoning. All of this goes on in the unconscious. It goes on in the subconscious of the unconscious if it's a survival orientation. If it's an aspirational orientation it goes on in the higher conscious or the super conscious of the unconscious because the super conscious is where you affirm your eloquence, you affirm your sacredness, that's the super consciousness but the
subconscious...super conscious is about twenty percent of the mental body, subconscious is seventy-five percent of the mental body. We are hardwired to survival. We are not hardwired to become enlightened to the degree that we are hardwired to survive. Now that will all shift over the next millennia proved that we get through this little narrows that we are going through here with weapons that are much more powerful than our brains are to do good with them.