Reflecting Comfort


It's important to be able to make any room your home, to feel comfortable anywhere. However, there is a difference in making it your home and making it as if you own it. They're almost polar opposites. When you make any room your home then you simply totally feel at ease within the space of your existence. When you feel totally at ease within the space of your existence and within the time of your existence, you make those around you extremely at ease. Because the reflection that they are actually shedding back on you, you're comfortable with so it appears to them that you're comfortable with them and as long as you're comfortable with them, they're comfortable with you. It may take a little time because they may have to dissolve the momentum of their previous experiences, which are also your previous experiences but if you go into that room and determine at each moment that you have forever because each moment actually is forever then the time that it is going to take by the dynamic laws of forever just gets shrunk to almost zero because zero is forever. So in other words, you're not redefining the tension of the room because conflict is constructed by the four dynamics, tension, pressure, stress and friction. When the whole thing exploded as the big bang including your consciousness from the one consciousness, you became a holographic representation of the total. As a consciousness we scrambled, we scrambled through all the possible incarnations that we could possibly define and in the incarnations we evolved physical matter to finally get to the place where we had a physical construct that could recognize our oneness, our union, our yoga. The human body is pretty close to the perfect form. Now there are many consciousnesses that are trailing in the process because not every consciousness was not able to make that definition and accept the recognition to advance quickly.