40 days with Venus


On the 25th of July, Venus becomes stationary and begins to retrograde for a full 40 days, from being an evening star to a rising morning star.This is a perfect time to start your favorite 40 day practice or to begin a new discipline which will be enhanced every morning following the 40 days by the blue star. Venus is all about ethics and aesthetics. Our true values bring out the beauty of our spirit, our courage and our compassion, for ourselves and others. Venus is about love. Love of Self, love of Sat Nam.

In the morning, receive Her blue light as a gift for the day, breathe it and as it fills your throat chakra, fill your words with Love.

Loving ourselves is even more wonderful if we see ourselves in everyone!!! Have a wonderful 40 day practice.

Written by Shant Joti Ji, astrologer and author: http://www.amazon.com/Breath-Invisible-behind-Health-Beauty/dp/0993976905 For infos or services write to shantjoti@gmail.com