Transforming Into Civilization 

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We've reached a collective sublimation point of human consciousness . . . sublimation, where there’s a transformation of basic human formations . . . like water into steam -- here it’s barbarism into civilization. When Dr. Albert Schweitzer was once asked, “What do you think of civilization?” He responded, “I think it would be a very good idea.” We are now at the time of this very good idea, and barbarism is reacting with a vengeance. Those who have climbed to the top of the heap with the cruelty of barbarism are being exposed by the light of these enlightening times. They’re fighting for the right to maintain their positions earned by the darkness of cruelty; dishonesty; deceit and brute force . . . the might being the right. Those with relationships in higher dimensions feel dysfunctional within this barbarism of three and four dimensions. Here we are at a time where your awareness of joy, love and freedom is rising out of the utter bigotry of imprisoned lives within the deadly limits of no imagination. And at this moment -- bigotry gathering momentum -- is sounding a clarion call to the angels of higher dimensions.

Assistance from some greater future must aid this fledgling planet as it’s passing through its sublimation from barbarism into civilization. You’re one of the walkers between these worlds, yet your navigational skills -- being for much higher purposes -- feel clumsy and awkward within the brutality. Your transformed life in this body -- an embodiment of the soul -- is an experience of the body’s joyful love when it's no longer a prison . . . it’s an opportunity. It’s time to build a skill-set of rote-memory-based responses for the common quests, requests, and questions of this Earthly domain, while holding your higher skills in highest esteem. You’re here to prepare people to have fullness in their lives, not just three dimensions of life.

Our prayer is that you not take offense to the offensiveness of these time; that you learn to balance your navigation while your system learns the limits of three dimensions, and that you use forgiveness -- a lot -- until your angels all show up. 

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