Water is Life 

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Narayan (Sanskrit) is the Ocean of Love . . . the water . . . the solution in which life is able to exist and persist. When you come to fully experience your presence, in the present moment, you experience this ocean of love as the solutions for life, appearing within life. This experience is an inherent sense of total safety, which allows you to courageously adventure deeply into the risks for which there are no boundaries except infinity. This is the source of your universal sensations of faith, trust, hope, inspiration and gratitude. This is the intelligent solution within your physical body, turning toward the flexibility at the highest frequencies of your emotional body. These sensations are known as devotions . . . faith, trust, hope, inspiration and gratitude.

Since your physical body is seventy percent water, and your brain is up to ninety percent water -- a part of any healthy regime calls for drinking lots of water. This water must be clear, vital, alive and mineral rich to be of value. Modern utilities are delivering water through chemicals, pipes and ninety degree angles; these ninety degree angles are unnatural and kill the natural vitality of water. It’s extremely important to revitalize the water you drink. Circular swirling of the water in the container you drink from; placing sacred symbols on the containers you store in, and saying conscious prayers over the water while drinking, all help to revitalize it. This is the ocean of physical love, emotional flexibility and mental solutions . . . a large part of the Narayan in which you exist and persist. It’s both energetic in the higher dimensions and measurable in these three dimensions.

Our prayer is that you conserve and pay reverence to the water each day; that you revitalize the water that enters your body and are grateful for the water that’s clearing the waste from your body; that you pray for the water of the world, and preserve it to serve all life in the world . . . it’s our greatest solution . . . it requires protection. 

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