Develop Your Consciousness For Solutions

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Amongst the three brains in the human body -- the three main neurological centers -- the current bigotry stems from a ‘corrupted-inversion’ of the head brain. The head is all that education educates, which is causing a reactive-ignorance (ignoring) of the other two neurological centers. This produces the lack of human connection (nourishment -- the gut brain), and a lack of human relation (give to receive -- the heart brain). Additionally, sexual aggression, and its worst perpetration in rape, is a connection desire of the gut brain, without any head brain governance, or heart brain giving to receive. The head brain delivers discernment of right-wrong; good-bad, and yes-no, but with the current ‘corrupted-inversion’ these become reversed . . . bad is good; wrong is right, and no means yes.

When this inversion combines with an aggressive gut and no heart, the result is a predator -- a primitive throwback to the days when rape meant reproduction . . . the stone age of sex on the prowl. There was no relationship (heart brain); the standards were inverted for survival (head brain), and desire determined destiny (gut brain corruption). In the current world, the attempt is to shame predators into awareness, but these neurological throwbacks have no shame. Shame appears as a mortal enemy to these predators; they’ll use any means for protection . . . lying; cheating; denying and attacking back to survive the moment. This is a hurdle for consciousness to overcome in the new evolution, and this is a task for those who are taking the time to achieve conscious balance in their lives -- head-heart-gut -- all equally orientating. Evolution seeks remedies, and solutions for this brutally primitive behavior; solutions to arise from the group-thought and intuitive-collectives of highly conscious communities.

Our prayer is that you’re doing your part by practicing daily to develop your consciousness for solutions, and that your conscious vision joins into conscious communities without fearing the label of being a cult . . . it’s the only future with a future. 

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