The Repeating Program of Evolution


Many times before this moment in history, humanity has come to a similar point in evolution, a point where the use of intellect and intelligence has become abusive. This is a point where the use of technology advances beyond the use of compassion. This is an abusive moment and as this abuse continues, it triggers evolutionary procedures. These procedures may not necessarily have positive human consequences, but they do ensure the preservation of life itself, just not that of human life. The current global psychosis is a clear result of the many years we’ve neglected compassion—neglecting proper human functioning. Without proper human functioning at the top of our global leadership there cannot be a single degree of collective human well-being. And without collective human well-being, there will never be peace on Earth, because peace only arrives in a threat-free environment.

Threat-free environments are not easy to come by in a world of resource competition. After all, nearly all competition is ultimately a threat to someone . . . somewhere. If this threat is not experienced openly, it is nearly always felt covertly. This is the nature of the evolving human psyche and within today’s massive population combined with the current massive poverty, this covert suspicion has become overt.

The majority of world poverty comes from what Mahatma Gandhi said: the wealthy living off the backs of the poor. When, as in today’s case, the wealthy increase their wealth at the expense of the majority of humanity, that expense becomes disproportionately and unreasonably expensive. It rides a wave of human greed that, like a tsunami, destroys every amount of human decency in its path.

This is the nature of our current global psychosis. If we don’t address this soon, life will cease addressing human necessities as being even the slightest bit necessary. This is a fast track to human extinction, and when we are on such a fast track to our own demise we are committing suicide.

Therefore, now is the time for the reachable, the sleeping Masters to awaken. When these reachable awaken they are teachable. When the teachable learn from the sacred teachings of higher consciousness, they cease being an abusive threat; the disruptive chain relaxes into a state of peace and calm.

This must take place within this century—according to the ‘ancient seers’ this must take place by the year 2077 to stop the current disruptive and destructive cycle. Let’s become those who are the change that is required on this planet.