Using Technology For Compassion  

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Responding to time with deep acuity . . . awareness that receives the subtler signals from vision, hearing, and tactile feelings as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience . . . this must become the minimum standard of sensitivity for navigating into the uncertain future. This describes an evolution of humans from being creatures living in violent hierarchies of burden and servitude . . . one that’s been in place for thousands of years . . . to being servants of a higher awareness that serves every moment. This is human beings, being humane . . . being what’s been evolving, but never realized, for all these millenniums. Because when you add up all the present advancements in science and all the technologies -- and combine this with the still primitive, non-advancements in human social behavior . . . you end up with an evolution of the most dangerous creature in existence . . . one who’s causing all of the current violence, pollution, starvation, and destruction.

In other words, the “smartest” creature on the planet is an "illness" on the Earth . . . this isn’t acceptable. The new response to time will require these maximum levels of attention combined with “zero” emotional reaction . . . attention to the degree that exposes absolutely everything that’s taking place, combined with a discipline of non-reaction . . . literally “zero” amounts of taking offense. Without this combination, humans become even more dangerous; every tool becomes weaponized; indiscriminant violence increases, and as Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye, and the world ends up blind.” Instead of technology for violence, humans are capable of using technology for compassion. And in order to achieve this wiser planet -- the brilliant inventors of solutions, the ones with the ideas of great value, will have to survive the present environments of deceit and corruption with resolve, but not reaction.

Our prayer is that you are this brilliance; that you show up and keep up under the pressures of the assignment; that you advance the goal of compassion and wisdom in the face of all this corruption . . . and do it because you can . . . because it’s your destiny.

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