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Conscious mastery uses the tools of the emotional resources, interactive intelligence, and the intuition to solve the mysteries of each moment. In order to use these in their proper proportions, you must balance their overriding influences in the moments of charged activity. Emotions without the balance of intelligence are disruptive. Intelligence without the kindness of emotions is cold and aloof. Intuition without both interactive intelligence and the emotional resources will come off as unbelievable . . . like “wu-wu”. This requires education, and true education produces true mastery. Today’s educational environment is deeply competitive and unbalanced. It’s producing reactions, so severe, their being labeled as disorders . . . the actual disorder is the system. Each child is to be balanced, treated with great respect in the first place, and delivered the curriculum of instructions secondarily.

When a child feels respected for who they actually are; recognized for what they have to offer; approached with the individual care they deserve as a unique life, then they respond to education with their innate brilliance of learning. They’re open to the information, because they realize how they can apply it . . . to improve their world, and the world. This is the inclusiveness of conscious education, it educates the emotional resources; the interactive intelligence, and the higher intuition all at once. The beauty of intuition is that every child is born with this as their strongest resource. It’s the nature of survival, but it’s being stripped away with other emphasis as the child grows older. Current education does not honor or recognize this power, and even dismisses it as daydreaming, or worse, as an attention disorder.

Our prayer is that you approach the children of this world, no matter what their age . . . zero to a hundred, and honor the brilliance they’ve brought in their own unique way; set an example of how the world prospers from their exceptional value and contribution; create a new normal that includes every unique skill . . . enable the masters as they learn their way to mastery.

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