When Is Now A Good Time? 

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The power of eventually, which is a product of eternity, which is a product of infinity -- in which there are no laws -- is that everything can happen eventually. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” -- therefore logically means . . . if it can happen . . . when there’s a will -- it will happen . . . eventually. Since eventually says that everything can happen . . . the will is accurate and authorized to say, “Everything will happen.” The only variable for which you are responsible for in your life is -- how long will ‘eventually’ take . . . when is now a good time? This is the universal magic that interfaces with the universal logic, allowing for a balance between the two -- the yin and the yang. With a slight lean from this perfect balance toward your will, it initiates motion, that generates all the outcomes.

Einstein found that time is just space moving through a point of perception. There’s an argument that entertains the science of physics. “Is it the space, or is it the point of perception that’s actually moving? Either way, the space exists before it’s been perceived, but until it’s perceived it remains invisibly in the future reference of time. And the space that has already passed through the point of perception -- known as the past . . . also still exists. It becomes obvious from this realization that both future and past are in continuous existence, even when they’re outside the experience of perception. This plays into the outstanding advantage of human consciousness and its connection with the power of eventually. It's yours to work with if you take advantage of this human advantage.

Our prayer is that you relate to the universal magic that balances the universal logic; that you take advantage of the advantages of being human; that you live outside the instinctual limits of pure logic, and ride the waves of time at their point of balance . . . perceive the present, future and past as a continuum, and live in the experience of your own will without attachments. Lean into your will from this point of pure balance and every dream [will] eventually come into the present . . . now is a good time for now.

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