Find The Beauty 

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Just as beauty lives in the eyes of the beholder -- hurt feelings, disappointments, and discouragements, all live in the lives of the ones with these feelings. Whenever there are these negating feelings -- ones that run counter to your enjoyment – they’ll become an emotional priority by nature. This has been developed over millions of years of survival evolution. Their emotional lack of permission is interpreted as threatening. Take disappointments for example -- it's actually removing your appointment, and with this removal goes your sense of freedom. Then, when you realize these reactions are actually your own free-will -- even though the freedom is buried deep inside your instinctual behavior -- you are, like with the “beauty” in your eyes, ultimately responsible for all of your feelings.

This is where discipline can come into play; this is where meditation, to clear the emotional body, comes into practice . . . and there are more tools than this. When meditation dives deeper into discovery, you’ll find all of these awkwardly threatening sensations are also maps to their own solutions. The trick is to locate the solution within the sensation. To do this you must fully experience the sensation down to its core; go through the very discomforts you're avoiding. Use meditations to slow your reaction rhythms down so that you’re more conscious of the details, and aware of the broader perspectives. Here’s where the maps are drawn; here’s where the source of these sensations becomes a choice, rather than a commandment . . . this is where you change your world. Rather than being disappointed, you choose to be aware of the extenuating reasons; rather than becoming discouraged, you choose to be more in tune with your own timing and opportunity. These are always options -- like beauty being in your eyes when you see it -- like all the more conscious sensations in your being as you exercise your freedom of choice.

Our prayer is that you make these conscious choices to find the beauty within each encounter; that you discover the options that maintain your power, and enjoy the perspectives of your moments . . . appreciate what’s really going on.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci