Zero Exit Plans

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Everything that’s driving life are the relationships inside of life. This is a very practical reality -- all the way from the relationships of atoms inside the molecules; the molecules within the cells; the cells of the body parts, and your body relating to the bodies and places all around you. It extends far beyond this example and into the endless cosmos . . . all built on relationships. At the core of each relationship is an awareness . . . the consciousness and Soul contained in everything. In order to gain any real and tangible connection to this, you must reduce the angles within your perception. These angles create bewilderment in the unknown wilderness of Soul and conscious awareness.

This bewilderment loses contact with real commitment, while it instead searches for safety from the wild nature of the bewilderment . . . and there is none, so the search is endless. Commitment is the essential factor in every relation. With zero exit plans, commitment is the only ‘force-field’ in which a relationship can grow beyond the infatuation stage . . . that famous honeymoon period. Imagine the commitment of the ‘strong-force’ in all atoms, and in the ‘weak atomic-force’ of molecules. Imagine the commitment of gravity that never fails, and in electricity and magnetism. The emotional needs for safety create exit angles in the human psyche . . . this evolved during ancient survival ages and established these angles in perception that slip out of commitments. This flaw was built to satisfy a need for relevance as a proof of safety. It’s relevance that fools the human psyche into these angles upon angles in search of confirmation. Each angle further establishes the outside world as the partner, while the Soul and consciousness become less significant and less satisfying to the emotions.

Our prayer is that you invest your present moments in reverse engineering this ancient flaw; enter your relationships with a commitment to master the unknown within your ‘self’. Let the common Soul become the true relevance in the relationship, and your body will cherish the unknown wilderness of the experience . . . safety will eventually appear without notice.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci