The Core Of Your Life

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A Christmas story of origins in beliefs: Half -- a full fifty percent -- of all Viking warriors were female. Viking women had an intensely honorable sense of their power, both in battle, and in the social structure. The Viking culture recognized equality between the genders and never differentiated from one to the other . . . women fought in battle and the men were dedicated to the children. They’ve been portrayed as brute savages with silly helmets, but that was just a “Romantic” propaganda push that stuck. And how else would the Romans -- a culture of masculine strength versus feminine weakness --  depict a Viking . . . the culture of masculine strength embracing the feminine strength. Vikings were an intricately complex society that picked up cultural influences from every region they visited. They travelled extensively, including the Americas, with connections to the Native American traditions centuries before the arrival of Columbus. Most of the Viking Winter ceremonies have been woven into the modern Christmas: evergreen trees as a symbol of everlasting life in the vast deaths of winter; mistletoe as a symbol of the seeds of warmth and love in the frozen cold; the North pole as a center of life’s magnetic presence; reindeer as the bearer of bounties; the sleigh as a means of effortless transportation; the presence of Spirit coming down through the smoke in the central chimney . . . all of these traditions in the modern Christmas are from the Vikings and their worship of nature, metaphysics and Spirit.

Our prayer is that you take this holiday opportunity to discover where do your beliefs come from . . . what do you understand of your convictions, and how they came to you. And then determine which of these beliefs actually support the person you want to be and believe in. Use this season of high Holy-days to strengthen the core of your life, as every culture and religion has done throughout history, and then begin your new year's journey from this core.

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