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Superposition is the nature of the quantum, where spacetime exists in more than one condition and location at any moment. Once an observation is made, the location and condition is established, but this is not the absolute “truth”, it’s just an observed “fact”. This is also central to the mysteries of human mastery: you exist as many potential persons . . . until your belief -- which in this case is the observation of yourself -- attaches you to being one particular you. This is the quantum mechanics of particles; of ideas; of ideals; of -- you are who you believe you are. You are a morphing wave function until observations are made and that wave function collapses into particles.

The quantum nature of the human brain is in its connection to the universal mind. Within the universal mind is the knowledge of everything, and this is why a master such as Yogi Bhajan would say, “Never state that you don’t know.” You know everything, but are just not recalling in a moment of doubt. You are capable of being all that you dream of, but may not be connecting to the waves of this potential in a moment of being particular about your limits . . . wave being particle. The universal mind is the gate of intuition; intuition is your subtle knowing that the unbelievable is believable; that the impossible is possible; that you’re a part of everything, and absolutely everything is ultimately going to take place . . . all because infinity is infinite. When you boil down this logic, the magic is revealed. And in this magic, you are who you believe you are, whenever enough time is added to the formula. Time is the measure of your belief, so the amount of time is not a constant. You could accomplish this in a million years, or a moment, depending on the power of your ‘believing observation’ . . . this is the very nature of magic.

Our prayer is that your belief is being empowered in every moment; that you focus it on the ideals of your ideas, and hold that focus until the waves settle into who you dream you are, and then teach this magic to the reachable and teachable. This world needs your magic touch . . . this is why you’re here.

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