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Some of the world's recent billionaires are designing industries to colonize other planets in space . . . a simple manifestation of the human desire to shed responsibility. There’s another responsibility that’s barely survived the millenniums commonly referred to as, “honoring the mother and the father.” This actually means honoring the ‘Mother Earth’ and the ‘Father Time’. The Earth is the substance that ‘Spirit’ occupies, and when ‘Time’ is introduced, it's able to spend time in life. The lofty ideas of an interplanetary transport system for humans to colonize beyond Mars is an extension of the disposability attitude. It arrives when a creature has nearly destroyed its habitat, and isn’t willing to clean up the mess. This isn’t wide-spread, but it’s prevalent amongst those unable to comprehend the value of sustainability, restoration and responsibility.

When you've destroyed one home, to go out and find another will ultimately destroy that home as well . . . the lessons were never learned. It’s time to alter human habits within this habitat . . . not repeat the dilemmas elsewhere. As in the old saying, “Wherever you go, there you are,” holds particularly true when you’ve destroyed your environment . . . the next one will not be somehow magically preserved. Earth’s atmosphere is completely tuned to the needs of life -- to travel and occupy one that’s foreign and unnatural is not what consciousness is telling you, this is what unconsciousness is telling you. It’s not the nature of life to live disposably, it’s the nature of life to live sustainably and responsibly. This means cherishing ‘Mother Earth’ and her physical elements; it means embracing ‘Father Time’ which allows you to spend your life. Better to spend billions of trust currency on reforestation, restoration, reconditioning and renewing the lands wasted by the fuels that would fly you through space . . . and remain in this place.

Our prayer is that you come back to Earth and allow Time to be your friend not your enemy; that you become the child of the two -- one who’s willing to give back to both . . . one who honors the Mother and the Father, honorably.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci