The Map of Your Destiny

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The human hands are formed in the embryonic ball from the same tissue as the brain. This complex relationship between the brain’s neurons and the nerve endings in the hands continues throughout life. Everything you do with your hands has a cause-effect relation with the brain. The ancient language Sanskrit named them similarly . . . ‘man’ and ‘mana’. The lines in your palms are folds in the fabric of the skin, they pinch particular nerve endings, directly under the surface, as you use your hands. This stimulates the corresponding points in the brain, which affects the angles of observation; the frequencies of your psyche, and the resulting thoughts. It’s a constantly shifting accu-pressure treatment. These angles of the psyche stimulate ideas and ideals of your ‘self’ . . . and from this, all other relations are developed.

There’s a meditation that connects directly to this subtle neurology. Whenever you come out of sleep, or a meditation, cover your closed eyes with your palms, not the fingers, and open your eyes into the darkness of your palms. Then slowly move your hands forward . . . gazing at your palmistry . . . this is a map of your destiny. Known as a self-mirroring meditation; it increases the capacity for understanding in relationships, because it increases the sub-cognitive relationship with your ‘self’ . . . a total acceptance of you, by you. Your palmistry is called a ‘map of your destiny’ because everything about human life is a relationship to something, or someone . . . every thought and feeling is relational. At a quantum level, the observer and the observed are the same; all relationships are both tracking and sourcing every moment; every moment has been led from, and leads to, every other moment . . . this is destiny . . . the total synchronization.

Our prayer is that you do this meditation each day; study your palms and connect to the subtle causations in your world; then realize there are even connections within these connections that synchronize every other relation . . . honor all of your relationships, and see yourself in everyone . . . you’ve got the whole world in your hands.

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