Happy Birthday My Love

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Winter solstice was, and is, a time when the masters and mystics rejuvenated their lives in the vast realms of deep meditation. This is a time for incubating life’s energies -- prana/chi --  in the blankets of winter that imagine new light-buds of growth . . . stem-cells of opportunities unfolding into Spring. This is the day of the Goddess -- this is the day of rebirthing in her guidance. My wife, Guruperkarma Kaur, was born on this WInter Solstice day and she’s been a light-bud of growth for every member of her entire family, and circles in all directions, since that day she was born.

Every one of you has a person, or people such as this in your world . . . one’s who discover, define and design countless opportunities within the context of your world . . . ones that shine out from the rest of the moments . . . breezes of inclinations that capture and convert your dreams from their imaginations into manifestations. These are the angels all around every world, ones who’ve come into their bodies to make certain you fulfill your destiny in this lifetime in your body. Guruperkarma is that person for us, and it isn’t by chance that she’s born on such an exact day . . . the day of the Goddess, in the year of the Dragon. It’s important for all of you to acknowledge your angels, and then admit to your deepest self, their importance in fulfilling your dreams. There isn’t enough time to complete all of these recognitions and gratitudes, but there is this moment right now, and this moment is available right now.

Our prayer is on this very day in which your breathing in the midst of Winter Solstice -- you go out into your world and complement the Guides and the Goddesses that hold your life in their embrace; that you deliver the recognition they deserve to experience . . . it will create a sense of value around the gift of your own existence. Happy re-birth-day to all of these Goddesses.

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