Being Exactly You 

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The fundamental nature of human psychology; of the human emotions and biology down to the DNA, is that of connection and engaged, collective living. This is not a choice, but a deep embedded system, not to be rearranged or ignored. When it is ignored, other psycho-emotional challenges arise that even affect the physical world. Archeological studies show that throughout ancient history, humans living in groups were healthier; lived longer than those who were more alone, and based on the amount of art, were also happier . . . it's the tribal, clan nature of the human core. A person can spend some time in life as a “lone-wolf”, with relations only of convenience, but eventually life -- by its very nature -- produces circumstances in which this no longer serves even the basic needs.

Once “civilized” -- back in human history -- the village served as the mechanics for tribal needs. In the indigenous world of today -- a world attuned to nature -- the tribe is the tribe . . . there are few distractions. But this is being challenged by the encroachment of a “modern” less natural world. Locating members of your tribe in today’s high paced, industrial and technological world is more difficult than it appears. There's never been this many people on Earth, but there's also never been this much distraction. Locating true friends of like mind and like heart to support your life is even more essential at this pace. A key to success is to be who you actually are. When you’re deeply committed to the person inside you, the people attracted to you seem to magically show up. To locate the needle of partners in the giant haystack Earth, become a huge magnet and the needle shows up. This is the nature of synchronicity -- when you are who you are, those who are like you are attracted.

Our prayer is that you spend your days knowing exactly who you are, and then spend the rest of your time being exactly you; that you’re not searching for your tribe, but knowing they’ll find you. These are the very laws of nature that exist at the core of human nature . . . you be you, and the tribe just like you, locates you.

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