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Matter isn’t infinite, but there are multiverses, upon megaverses, upon universes, upon galaxies, upon solar systems, upon planets and moons that make up the ever expanding event known as the Cosmos. To believe there’s only one of anything is as uninformed as believing the Earth is flat because nothing beyond the horizon is visible to your eyes. In every solar system, the Sun is the source of light that sustains life, but there’s not always light in a universe.

The mechanics of a universe are set in motion by the massive gravity of a universal sun, but the beginnings of matter is dark. It’s like the gestation period of a pregnancy, the parts that aren’t visible . . . at any time. In this gestation-seed period of a universe, there’s a soup radiating from the central core of the megaverse through the lens of the universal sun . . . holding the space for the universe. Once this soup cools, what’s left is a dark place . . . no galaxies, no stars -- just electrons and protons locked in neutral hydrogen atoms filling the space . . . eventually some morphing into helium. These dark times of a universe last for hundreds of millions of years until the gravity of the hydrogen and helium begins coalescing into denser specks . . . the friction of this process ignites the first sources of light . . . not very bright, but it is light. Powerful bursts of radiation begin to split and re-ionize the hydrogen atoms, and the once cold, dark space begins to light up with stars, which seed more stars that will eventually collapse as black holes. Once this happens, the gravity from the black hole forms star collections known as galaxies. And this happens over and over throughout the surface of every megaverse, with universes forming and dissolving through time that’s so immense that it’s fruitless to measure with such a tiny measuring reference as Earth-years.

Our prayer is that you appreciate the enormity of the cosmic creation and how it functions so perfectly; that you have faith in your own life as part of this massive perfection, and use this uplifting sensation to propel you through the gift of each day.

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