Shape Your ‘Masterplan’  

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Every morning, as you awaken, don’t accept the attitude that sleep has delivered . . . it’s incomplete. Meditate in the algorithms of your ‘theta-brain’, the post-dreamtime mind, and discover openings in the patterns that surround you . . . they’re always there . . . this awakening neurology can discover them. The first meal of the day is called breakfast and it means: breaking the fast. There’s a new medical revolution that’s finding the health of your brain, to an extraordinary degree, is dictated by the state of your micro-biome -- the micro-organisms that live in your body and dramatically outnumber your own body cells. What takes place in your intestines determines how your brain functions. Early in the morning, before breaking the fast, this environment is more empty, calm and pliable -- you’re able to translate thoughts and impressions more accurately in the quietness.

As education attempts to train "normal" in a world of unique souls, it's trying to push water up a hill, but your early morning brain has the ability to understand your own personal ‘normal’ . . . you can find your ‘self’. Surrendering into these dreamtime dimensions beyond spacetime, you access advantages in the early morning angles of your brain that don’t occur at any other time. This allows you to alter your morning view; to further discover your life’s ‘masterplan’, and align with it. If you don’t have such a plan, you’ll discover one . . . morning is the time. Once you have this plan in mind, you can alter it at any time -- it’s a position to use as a ‘touchstone’ -- to sort through your life. Not every thought must be exactly aligned, but let them prove their value over time.

Our prayer is that you give yourself the opportunity to have this internal process each morning; make this the beginning of your day before breaking your fast . . . experience the real practicality of meditation. Build on this inner-structure day after day, and as your ‘masterplan’ unfolds, remember, there will always be opposition -- that’s the nature of nature working at the crack of dawn. Gently slip through the crack . . . shape your ‘masterplan’ . . . begin to live your very own life.

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