Tune In + Tune Up

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Everyone awakens each morning a bit disheveled, having slept for hours in an unconscious and semi-conscious state. Everyone awakens from unconsciousness with a tumbled sense of how things are . . . a semi-conscious estimate, from the senses, of how things seem. It’s an inaccurate sensation and if you’re intending to live an accurate life, jumping out of bed and putting food and beverage on top of this will only feed its inaccuracy. Sleep un-tunes the bodies and this compounds over time. This is why before you have any breakfast (breaking the fast) it’s essential to correct these inaccuracies before you feed them, and before you use them.

First thing in the morning it’s vital to reset, to realign, and to re-tune the instrument of all your bodies . . . physical, emotional and mental. Every musician has the habit of tuning the instrument before playing. No matter how good a musician you are, it sounds terrible to play an instrument that’s out of tune. Schools haven’t taught children to tune their human-instruments since the industrial age altered human priorities. Now the new “normal” is to use these out of tune human instruments in order to get the jobs done. Work is the industrial priority and the result has created an out of tune human society. This out of tune world is collapsing the integrity of Mother Nature . . . the result is pollution, disease, severe competition, territorial aggression and bigotry. Inaccurately distributed resources is allowing twenty-seven thousand children to starve every day on this Earth…and this is considered “normal” -- but in fact it’s just unconscious…the world is still sleeping. This is so far out of tune -- out of alignment -- off of true normal that the current music of life is disturbing to the Spirit. Humans need a truly conscious awakening.

Our prayer is that you are aware that it is now the time to tune in and tune up; to create a morning practice that aligns your instruments of life and inspires others to do the same. Once humanity is more in tune, it will notice how ‘out-of-tune’ this world has become and re-navigate its way toward peace, love and harmony…the new music begins with you.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci