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Since the vast majority of life is spent with the eyes open -- it’s important to learn to meditate while completely engaged in the world. A great book, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda, speaks of his teacher Sri Yukteswar, and how, when contemplating any question, or searching out the wisest answer, he would never close his eyes and separate from whomever he was with, but continue to be right there…personally connected. This is exactly the point, it’s important that your connection to the source of life, isn’t only accessed by disconnecting from the experience of life, and that connecting to your deepest wisdom, does not mean separating from life’s constant distractions.

There’s a way to combine the two functions; to be in a meditative state most of the time…only avoiding this when you’re driving cars, motorcycles and bikes, or operating power tools. At these times be unwaveringly focused in three dimensions. At most other moments there’s an opportunity to connect with the higher dimensions and still successfully operate in the spacetime of Earth. One pathway into these alternative avenues of wisdom comes by being aware of your breathing, all while fully engaged with your senses; being connected to the spirit of your life, the inspiration from the source, while connecting to the objects of life with your eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch. Just place an extra piece of your awareness on your breath -- right at the tip of your nose, or the back of your throat, or the movement of your diaphragm while being conscious of everything else around you.

Our prayer is that you take some time each day to be devotional in this way, even when circumstances are tempting you to be emotional in every way; to utilize this ‘in-spira-tion’ when tempted to be excited or confused; to introduce faith and trust to your moments, with all of its opportunities, when everything else is pointing toward the value of fear…and to be deeply engaged, while still in a meditative state, so you can share the benefits of wisdom with all those who’ve come to know you. Be beyond these physical dimensions and it will introduce you into this moment.

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