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The aboriginal masks of the indigenous world are reminders to those who relate, that perception does not always experience what actually is. You may be looking at the same thing as everyone else, but you're not seeing the same thing as anyone else. The human brain works in the angles of experience plus triangulations of opinion. This is an individual “reality” within this constantly changing geometry. Perception is all of this, with a result that’s called “fact.” Imagine, this is taking place in every moment to everyone; it’s taking place within all cultures, religions and nations around the world.

Everything’s in motion around these opinions and preferences called reality -- it then shifts to accommodate the experience in which nothing’s stable and everything’s volatile. This is why it’s referred to as the illusion, and then there’s so little peace. The established “facts” are collective illusions, taking place in the brains of inaccurate translations…received during semi-conscious experiences. Whether it’s actual, or virtual is rarely known. At higher levels of awareness there’s stability -- spacetime and your experience are the same. But below this level of awareness -- where the majority of humanity lives -- it’s all masks, within masks, within the opinions of what’s actually taking place. All of this displaces the present moment, and humanity continues to live outside of time; always running out of time. The practice of mantra (which means mental projection) is able slow down this process so the brain moves away from its distractions. In this sound current of mantra, the brain’s rate and chemistry change to produce a more neutral outlook from which to observe the calmness contained within each moment. In this more neutral state, you’re able to stabilize your present time, and draw a more accurate map into future time.

Our prayer is that you come to realize that the collective “normal” is not a world of accuracy; that you choose to create a more conscious approach to your moments; that you practice your own mantras -- something you relate to personally -- and use them to clear the course of the mind into a fulfillment of your time.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci