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Life is always involved in struggles, when you don’t experience it you’ve simply been focused on a different aspect of the moment. This is the law of physics . . . the opposition within the proposition, and vice versa. Experiencing the sensation of group support does not change this law, or the facts of the struggle, but often enables you to see the beauty within the struggle. Everything else is still present at all times. In order to more readily achieve what you’ve come to accomplish here on this upside down world, it’s advantageous to gather as communities of support.

A great teacher, Yogi Bhajan, would consistently say, "You graduate from individual consciousness, through group consciousness, into universal consciousness." It’s in the gathering and cooperating where your excellence, within each challenge, can more readily shine. It’s in the gathering together that your trust is more easily employed; you tend to drop all the shields that block your complete awareness . . . you relax into openness. As you drop these shields and open up, you become aware of everything -- the great; the good; the bad, and the ugly -- it’s everywhere always. As an individual, your instincts focus on the bad and the ugly . . . they’re far more compelling . . . they’re even perhaps dangerous. But when you’re together with others of like heart and mind, you experience the group’s accountability . . . this support and togetherness enables you to relax and remain open. This is the best reason to gather dear souls around you; this is why humans are, by nature, a social animal; this is how group consciousness delivers greater awareness . . . an awareness that enables you to focus on your purpose as it wends its way through the array of constant opposites in the laws of physics.

Our prayer is that you’re good with strangers and remember they’re only strange until the conclusion of your first real conversation; that you employ your basic nature and gather the like hearted around you to relax and experience the beauty inside the ugly; the effortlessness inside the struggle, and the possibility inside the impossible.

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