Standing Under Understanding 

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When you’re standing under a much larger force -- like a period of Mercury in retrograde -- it cancels your brain's ability to perceive the cause, under the cause of the root cause . . . on and on and on. It's at these levels upon levels where the understanding lives; and without this level of awareness there’s missed understandings, or as they say, misunderstandings. Which of these many moments; at what level will you assume your conclusions? Which response will you receive with these assumptions? Will you take your time, to use the time, to make the time serve the most benevolent outcome? Or will you waste some time, in reacting to time, and miss any possible understanding?

The key to these moments is right there in the word itself, ‘understand’ . . . it means to stand-under, and then stand under that, and under that, until you've arrived at the root cause that produced the symptoms you’ve experienced.  Everything outside of life is mimicking something inside of life, and the territory in both directions is way beyond your wildest imagination. Just imagine what has already been discovered from the largest to the smallest . . . all interwoven and working to cause each other. Supermassive black holes, existing at the deep center of nearly every galaxy, are hundreds of thousands, some millions, some billions, and at times even trillions of times larger than the sun in this solar system. These massive forces clean out the largest portions of the material cosmos. Then in the opposite direction -- at the center of the center of the tiny atoms -- there’s another multiverse taking place in the miniature. With all of this interacting -- with all levels connecting and influencing each other -- where will you draft your opinion, to draw your conclusion that sets up your beliefs? Anyplace that doesn't perceive the harmony is a missed understanding.

Our prayer is that you always dive deeper; go down beyond your comfort zone and locate the cause, of the cause, of the cause and use this location as a staging area for your new conclusions and beliefs leading to decisions. It's all music, just stretch a bit, and you'll catch the harmony everytime.

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