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“For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.” So goes Newton’s third law of motion, otherwise known as the ‘conservation of momentum’. And despite the twentieth century’s discoveries of relativity and quantum mechanics, this third law from 1686, has never been changed. Good teachers are like this law of motion, they’ll push you just faster and further than you’re willing to go. The equal reaction to this action of a good teacher takes place in disturbing your established beliefs. The great teachers cause disturbances so that your established beliefs will release you. It’s in this release where the disturbance causes growth. When you accept this disturbance as a good thing, then the teachings become your teacher.

When you reject the teacher’s disturbance as too much, or lacking compassion, then time becomes your master . . . and time is ultimately a far less compassionate teacher. Even though a teacher -- a person of wisdom -- will openly challenge and push you hard . . . this is more compassionate than the ‘false-tolerance’ of time. Time surrounds your moments and allows you to “take your time” with your ‘pain of growth’, but this is ultimately a greater challenge, because time is the only element you own . . . it’s your only true resource. Honor the teachers that push and challenge you through time -- the ones that don’t let you "slack-off", or waste your precious moments -- but don’t mystify them. Great teachers are examples to be copied; paths to be followed . . . to be loved, and respected, but when placed on pedestals -- the equal reaction is, they’ll always fall. This damages your belief in the teachings, the teachings that pushed and challenged you to grow further and faster; to save the precious time of your life; to ultimately have the time of your life.

Our prayer is that you honor your teachers, and worship the teachings; that you allow yourself to be pushed beyond your comfort without reaction; to keep the teacher-relationship real, grounded and balanced, and allow the teachings to become your ultimate master. They’ll push your time to save you time and champion your reaction to the pressures of time.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci