The Fraud Factor 

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Along the path of spiritual growth, you experience the sensation of incredible wisdom inside; you begin to express this wisdom to those around you, and some love it, while others feel it’s too much. This is normal, and you’ll find yourself vacillating between loving to share, and feeling you have no right.

You’ve reached a threshold of evolution, a normal threshold. It’s what the Apostles of Jesus called ‘original sin’. It’s what the ancient sages of India referred to as ‘chala’ . . . the sensation of being a fraud. They all spoke of this as a sensation experienced at the threshold of greatness. This 'fraud factor' -- as it's called -- is always around you, it’s an instrument of evolution. It was set in place naturally so that Life doesn't mutate -- change too fast -- physically, emotionally, mentally and existentially. You don’t experience it unless you grow to experience the limits. When you press powerfully out, it’s pressing powerfully back in on you; that’s when you feel like a fraud. It’s up to you to remember the rule of spiritual growth -- when you’re feeling like a fraud this is good, it shows you’re progressing . . . the shell is now too small. Nature, within the cosmos, governs how fast something can evolve; if it evolves faster than its ability to recognize itself, it will lose track of who it is. At this moment it’s time to up your game -- not reduce it -- make the ‘self’ that you recognize, the unrecognizable ‘self’ of your greatness . . . your inspired ‘self’.

Our prayer is that you find yourself on this threshold often; that you don’t hold back in order to avoid it; that you make it the presence in your presentation, and attract those people who are reachable and teachable . . . who are your equals for the journey of spirit. Those who shy away aren’t ready. They’ll be more comfortable with a slower pace. Allow them to distance themselves without your judgment; without your comment . . . with only a prayer for their wellbeing. Your fraudulence -- your chala -- is a sign of your willingness to cross a threshold into the unknown . . . do this with the faith that guides you, not the fear that stops you.

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