Be The Example 

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To incarnate through the millions of lives it takes to complete spirit’s liberation, you incarnate all over the universe and throughout the megaverse. In the most advanced incarnations, you fly beyond the total void -- through the gateways of infinity -- across the multiverse. In the early incarnations, it’s like you have trainer wheels on -- you haven’t the skills to balance your “bike”. You spend lifetimes locally, within the atmosphere of single base planet. This would be Earth for those young ones who’ve begun here, and this is why there are those who are reticent to understand the age and measure of this planet and the cosmos. They make up stories about how it began, in order to support their lack of experience.

But eventually, like you’ve done, they graduate into lives throughout the galaxy, star systems contained within the expansion . . . hidden behind waves in the cosmic fabric. Then comes life beyond this Universe -- graduate school -- in regions totally beyond the universal horizons. After this point comes the biggest steps of all, releasing everything down to zero -- shunya in Sanskrit -- to incarnate in another megaverse. This means traveling through the void of pure nothing -- as pure nothing -- traveling as invisible light through the darkness. You become a waveless wave that reconstitutes upon arrival in another megaverse with no connection to this one. You know what holding your breath is like? This is holding your existence. You're entering cosmic sectors -- aged in Earth-time years -- in the trillions, quadrillions, quintillions and beyond anything imagined as possible. The chase of shiny objects becomes meaningless in the light of these measurements. By reading this post, there’s zero chance you're an early incarnation. You’re an ‘Angel’, from the beyond, here to assist Earth and its early stage inhabitants who are lost without supervision.

Our prayer is that you recognize this; that you’re not here to live your life, you’re here to assist life; that you’re an example, teaching by example in a massive way. You’re here with the question you were assigned to ask. “What on Earth are you doing for Heaven’s sake?”

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