Constant Discoveries  

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Every month, astronomy announces new discoveries -- like Earthly planets, in star systems nearby, or comets with rare minerals on paths that can be captured. Now they’ve discovered a galaxy, very near to the Milky Way, that’s 99.9% dark-matter. It’s invisible except for the gravitational effect and its powerful messaging. But even with new and constant discoveries, modern scientists are still operating in a “flat-Earth” stage of truly understanding the complexity and enormity of the Cosmos.

They’ve not come close to comprehending the legends of space beyond the horizons of time -- and like the flat-Earth -- they only relate to that which can be experienced on the straight line of sight. No one’s realizing -- this Universe is just a dimple on the surface of a massive megaverse; that this megaverse is one of countless megaverses within an infinitely larger multiverse. No one’s talking about the space around the corners of the waves throughout the cosmic fabric. No one speaks of the space between the megaverses -- where there’s literally nothing -- not even space, not even time. This is the pure void, the gates into infinity, and traveling through here would require surrendering everything . . . you would need to become nothing . . . the impossible that’s possible. And you will do this; you’ll take this journey between your highest incarnations; you’ve been prepared through tens of thousands of lifetimes…far beyond this ‘false-sparkly’ chase in these three and four dimensions.

Our prayer is that with all you experience on Earth; with all that’s going on in your 'chase' – take the moments to realize there’s space beyond space, where there’s time without limits; that even right here, your experiencing but a fraction of what’s actually here . . . release all the triggers that ignite your disturbances, and use this energy to fully experience this Earthly womb in the vastness that surrounds it. This will give you the strength and power to carry on when the path becomes “impossible” and the promise disappears. This will give you the ability to keep-up and be kept-up by the vastness of what is. And whenever it’s not…remember…it still is.

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