Collect Deeper Reasons

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The mapping of light -- as a wave -- passing through the vacuum of space between megaverses, is counter to every law that’s ever been discovered in astronomy. It’s not of this world, the scientists have declared, and yet it occurs in the realms that metaphysics, mystics and masters have known to be accessible. And they’ve taught this access in their meditations for thousands of years. Spirit incarnates throughout the multiverse; you pass as a wave of light between lives -- without the slightest personal identity -- through the space of no space; through time without time . . . through the void that separates one megaverse from another . . . all throughout the multiverse.

When you reincarnate from this journey, you must regain the accumulative memory of you -- on another planet -- in another system -- or you return to square one, to build it again. This is why it takes millions of incarnations to complete the journey. Surrendering identity and regaining it through this ordeal is what allows you to advance with all the lessons you’ve mastered on your path of awakening. Without this awakening, you’re just a two-legged animal chasing sparkly objects on a rock in space, with only the memory of your chase . . . and even this memory is faulty. A Universe is a gravitational dimple in a megaverse -- held in state by a central super-sun. It’s amongst this physical material on the surface of a megaverse where happiness is your birthright; health is your natural condition, and holiness is who you are. When you relate profoundly to your light-body amongst all the physical sparkle, you have the inherent capacity to trace your path; to know every moment of your history, and to build your life from the lives you’ve mastered . . . far more fulfilling than chasing shiny objects on a rock in space.

Our prayer is that you reach beyond the chase; collect deeper reasons for breathing than economics, politics, or other hierarchical dynamics . . . break free from the physical addictions that have imprisoned life and live in your unlimited awareness . . . you’re a light-body, living in a physical world . . . take a leap and practice the magic.

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