The Guarantee 

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Imagine your material reality as life in the laws of spacetime: desires and obstacles are the balanced topography of your destiny; the map unfolds through your will . . . this is the law. There’s always a guarantee to your outcome . . . that is if you employ the guarantee. It's the will contained in your heart. Desires are a perfect view of all the positives in your destiny; for every positive in this physical Universe, there must be an equal negative . . . that’s the law. Obstacles and blockages are those negatives. And there’s a third position, it’s a triangulation, and this third position is the key . . . it’s the guarantee.

This guarantee is your neutral view, the one that understands the balance of all things. Through the “eye” of this balance -- a view available at all times -- is the pathway to the ‘next position’. The ultimate result, of all the ‘next positions’, is your desired outcome. Whenever you experience the sensation of impossibility in your desires, it’s that you’re focused on the obstacles over the desires. This is actually quite natural because this is how your survival brain evolved through time . . . awareness of the dangers was always more important . . . awareness of danger kept you alive. Today’s dangers are interpreted as obstacles. It’s essential that this “survival” mode be relaxed; that the triangulation be engaged; that you remember the balance in spacetime. Whatever you’re facing; whatever you’re desiring; whatever you’re intending is always possible within this balance. Triangulation views the desires -- connects to the equal balance in the obstacles -- then employs the neutral attitude of will-ing-ness. Desires are the markers; obstacles are the identifiers, and the neutral, balanced, willful heart is the activator . . . destination . . . destiny, is the outcome.

Our prayer is that you know this is the law; that you’re willing to obey the law to achieve your desires; that on this journey you employ each of these three balanced positions of the triangle, and honor each one as essential . . . your highest desires . . . all the blocking obstacles…your willful heart’s neutral, balanced, easeful guarantee.

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