Beyond the Memories - Intuitive Knowing

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Imagine life guided by unreasonable knowledge . . . intuitive knowing without proof, rather than intellectual remembering. Imagine -- rather than a memory from your physical experiences through time -- you relied upon your total access, in every moment, to your intuition beyond time. Your physical experience through time is practical, measurable, and somewhat predictable . . . most of life relies on keeping it this way. But the memories of these experiences, with all of their practical measurements, is often inaccurate. Your physical DNA has seven generations of ancestral lifecycles maintaining its logical patterns.

Memory is held in this DNA, but that which is remembered from events within time, are collections of echoes, from reflections, from the memories generated long before accuracy made any difference to these recollections. Intuition, by comparison, is the complete openness of a single moment to the solutions within that single moment. Every moment is a polarity of total balance. As physics dictates -- every moment's proponent has an equal opponent and vice versa…polarity is the law. And by this law of balance, your moments are governed. Tapping into this law -- understanding its absolute nature -- you release any tendency to argue with it; you release the need to speculate "why", and you save your energy to experience the benefits. Benefits like: intuition is knowing the polarity of every question is the answer -- of every problem is the solution . . . intuition is present . . . always. Real innovation -- the truly creative opportunities -- are in the moments that flow without memory; that respond outside predictions, or measurements, but are intuitive. The universe, and life, evolve when these balanced moments become unpredictably creative.

Our prayer is that you practice, in every moment, your connection to these principles that exist beyond the memories and measures of time; that you rely on these connections to deliver, without failure, the balanced experience of health, happiness, and a holiness that embraces the unreasonable opportunities that exist for you beyond the limits of logic, and flawed memories of reason.

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