Waking Up 

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Each day when you wake up, you're given the ability to achieve all you can imagine. This is the reward for simply waking up, but this reward will not be fully recognized, realized, or authorized unless you awaken to your waking up. Then you're given the subtle eyes to see beyond sight, and the subtle ears to hear beyond sound, and the subtle sense to experience beyond your feelings. But even in this state you are able to question what you're sensing . . . "Is it real?"

There's also a third awakening, which is to awaken within your awakening when you wake up. In this you're gifted the sense to know that you know . . . even when there's something that you don't know . . . there's no question. It's like a sound will wake you up because your ears are always open, but you then have to open your eyes to awakening the sense of sight. These deeper senses use the inner-net of fascia as a physical apparatus to experience these faint signals on the physical level. It's these less obvious mechanics, plus your super-conscious-mind, that turn on when you're awakened within the awakening of your waking up. With this triple awakening you're authorized to exercise your authority; the advantage to use your advantage, and the super-consciousness to act benevolently with this power. This is when you make a difference . . . this is when you live on purpose. Symbolically speaking -- within this state of triple awakening -- there are "angelic" attitudes . . . very practical, pragmatic, and playable on the Earthly stage . . . completely realistic, and significantly miraculous. You literally meet these angels, and meet their connections to dimensions beyond the three and four-dimensional world. This needs to be the conspiracy that's conspired to benefit Earth . . . for no one, no nation, no culture owns the Earth, or any part of her…but we are all responsible.

Our prayer is that you wake up to be awakened to your awakening; that you realize you're the caregivers to Earth and everyone on her; that you know you're able to wake up to this level of ultimate reality, and you make a daily effort to do so. You're the one -- not the only one -- but you're the one.

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