You Are Solution 

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We will solve homelessness; we will solve "profitable" poverty; we will solve the fact that twenty-seven thousand children starve each day in this "modern" world . . . we will achieve this not by living individually -- every person for themselves -- but by practicing the passion of living for each other. Like any circular rotation, as with the law of karma -- what goes around comes around -- we actually deliver compassion by consciously pursuing our passion. This is not an esoteric theory; not an act of lip service -- this is the integration of real modern physical dilemmas with the ancient metaphysical laws of integrity.

Integrity means, to integrate all of the dimensions into a single moment; to integrate all of the people affected by that single moment into a single reason . . . all of the dimensions and people involved in your space and your time. This is the gateway to compassionate living . . . to living responsibly. When you set yourself up as responsible for solution, you become the ultimate "you" . . . this calms your survival mode and sets your emotional body into fearless mode . . . you're tapped into the source of time within space . . . you're able to respond. When you do this on an ongoing basis, no matter what circumstances might arise, you're fully able to respond in time . . . success is guaranteed. Each moment is a reflective -- not of the total you -- but of a pixel in you. Within every moment there's a piece of you that you're being asked to view . . . there's a part of you that you're being asked to learn from. When these human issues of today are experienced in this way, homelessness -- poverty -- starvation -- they're not the problems of others . . . they're your responsibility. When this is the attitude of those who are conscious, the problems reveal their solutions; the questions reveal their answers.

Our prayer is that you see these dilemmas of the world as a reflection of who you are; that you lend your highest consciousness to their solutions on a constant basis; that you experience a way through as your social responsibility -- not as socialism, but as humanism…a no brainer…a heartfelt opportunity.

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