Our Alive Universe

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There have been many discoveries, and even active theories that demonstrate all planets are living beings. This is widely shared amongst those in metaphysics, but also now within astro-physics. And if this is actually the way the universe works -- that objects are alive even if we can't recognize their life-form -- then certainly the Suns, Moons and Stars are also alive . . . all sentient beings. The life of the Sun is built upon its pulse and impulse. The pulse and impulse sustain a slight, yet constant imbalance that creates the movement inside and outside. Its gravity tubes are cast throughout the solar system in a form of an inter-planetary nervous system. There's a heartbeat there, though you cannot feel it . . . there's a breathing taking place, so slow, you can't detect it, but nevertheless it's there . . . like life in a clock of the long now. There are those planets closer and further from the Sun -- uninhabitable by our form of life, but alive nevertheless.

The fact that we have a particular form of life; our sensory system, with its brain capacity to measure, only calculates to recognize itself . . . other forms of life aren't experienced as life. They're experienced as objects until you experience the oneness of everything; the nature of infinity and eternity; the countless forms that life can assume, even the ones you don't recognize. All are life-forms in the larger sequence -- it's time to recognize this. You'll become a creature of deep gratitude, and in the presence of this gratitude you'll become deeply connected with those familiar to you, and those vastly different from you. This is the true nature of compassion; this is the transition life is going through at this time. It's time to be part of this whole, to embrace all as life . . . you'll embrace all of humanity in the process.

Our prayer is that you recognize everything as living; that you recognize all life has purpose; that you recognize that all purpose is not focused on humanity only, but that humanity is one form amongst the countless forms. Yes, as cathartic as being the center might seem, it's a fact . . . it's not all about you.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci