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In the process of life's progress, as the map shifts with the shifting times and the growing of age, you carry through life -- from childhood onward -- the impressions of all your influences. After eighteen years of age, these influences are set up as the channel through which your destiny is going to unfolding. Your tools are the human tools of mastery . . . your 'free-will' determines whether you use them or not. Your journey, after childhood, is a product of childhood -- and it's also a product of two other massive influences as well . . . your cosmology, and your genealogy. Over the 8.4 million incarnations through which life progresses, the final eighty-four thousand are in human form -- this is your cosmology. DNA is active for the past seven generations of your family tree -- this represents two hundred and fifty four ancestors who have lived entire lives filled with events -- this is your genealogy.

The fist four stages of your childhood development . . . the three year, four year, five year and six year long stages -- this represents your experiences in this life . . . your chronology. Combined, this is the channel of influence; these are the tools you've earned . . . using these tools is mastered through your discipline. Everything is 'as is' for a reason; each moment is your opportunity; when life malfunctions . . . it is a message that you're lagging behind on your larger view. Gratitude allows you to open up your senses and your subtle senses to comprehend the fullest portion of this big picture -- not just the challenges you're facing, but the solutions as well. Challenges are connected to reasons; reasons are connected to cause; cause is connected to effects; effects are connected to options; options are connected to decisions, and decisions connect you to the actions of life.

Our prayer is that when pressure is on you, you stop in the moment for a breath of gratitude; trace the full stream with that gratitude back through all the possible causes; realize that in every moment you have a power to change the outcome . . . nothing is fixed in stone . . . not even stone.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci