Growing Up 

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The subtle "bodies" work in partnership -- each playing a unique role in any given moment. The emotional body is most active in the developing child from the womb into adulthood. From the age of zero to three years old (three years long), the untrained brain uses two distinct toolsets of the emotional body . . . envy and frustration. Each developmental period progresses one year in length -- three years, four years, five years, and six years long. The next period is from three years old to seven years old. Envy and frustration taught the infant child to walk and talk; these are replaced by jealousy and anger which are going to teach the child about the ownership of space without time . . . the child sees something and wants it all -- to learn through experience what can and can't be obtained and how much effort is required.

Everything has to be right here, and right now, which develops both the strong motivation and intention (right and left thigh) from the more passive concepts of what life is (the pelvis). All of this is registering into the child’s brain, which is constantly learning to reason and process. In order to clearly understand these stages you must release your old two-dimensional definitions of right and wrong -- good and bad. These emotions (envy, frustration, jealousy, anger) are not bad things, they're just developmental stimulants. Cosmic evolution works extremely hard with these stimulants to produce the human character through childhood, a period which was historically quite dangerous, but is currently just existentially bewildering. Not every life progresses in this growth -- some just grow old as a constant child . . .  locked into one of their developmental cycles.

Our prayer is that you allow the children around you to be who they are, and experience this process in full; guide and allow them to become who they're meant to be. Encourage them to be what each moment is asking, and allow them to grow into what the next moment has in store. Be tolerant of each stage and emotion, and welcome the wonderment that arises from them. Be a friend and a guide . . . every child requires both.

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