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Relationships between the subtle bodies contain alliances and conflicts. At times the bodies partner with each other . . . at other times they're at odds. Both are positives, but some are extremely painful positives. The subconscious is where the engine to your emotional body resides -- this drives your "knee-jerk" reactions in the midst of what takes place in life. The superconscious is where the engine to your devotional body lives, this drives your aspirations and inspirations. Disruption, both positive and negative, based on the instincts and emotions to survive, are born from the roots of your subconscious . . . producing " The devil in the details," types of encounters.

The willingness to thrive beyond your survival -- with all of life's more compassionate and comprehensive responses -- is rooted in the superconscious . . . "Angels on your shoulders," kinds of moments. The subconscious gives you the details of what's going on, while the superconscious delivers the angelic view of how to make it all much better. This gives you the awareness to know -- and the consciousness to know better. With this knowledge, you're then held responsible for your actions . . . your an adult. When you welcome this awareness it's angelic -- when you don't, it's deeply troubling and painful . . . you're a childish disturbance. When you avoid this responsibility of knowing better, painful lessons keep repeating . . . it's the pain and friction of constantly resisting the deeper lessons inside of time.

Our prayer is that you embrace your angels in the midst of these repeating lessons -- don't complain, but ask them to capture this incessant repetition . . . hold it long enough for you to recognize your responsibility in it all . . . and then learn. This is best achieved with the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude always comes from the superconscious -- it floods the emotions with devotions and displaces the pain of repeating lessons with wisdom. Like tacking in an opposing wind -- it's the angles of your angels -- it's your superconscious. Everything that once held you back, now moves you forward.

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