Eyes of a Hawk, Heart of a Dove 

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Your eyes are your viewpoint control mechanism . . . your view from this point is limited by the plane of your facial direction. Imagine for a moment that the world "out there" is all within your field of vision . . . that the relationship is not a two, three, or even four dimensional plane . . . you're viewing everything all at once. This, in fact, is the reality; what you experience is a product of the sensory system's limits. Your relationships with the rest of the material world goes far beyond these sensory perspectives. What could these relations be . . . what could this greater awareness contribute to your experience of life?

These are the questions of cosmology that defy even the simplistic versions of religious interpretation of scripture. These scriptures -- in all of their myths of creation -- are the stories of completely different measurements; completely different dimensional views, and completely different observations and interpretations. Much of scripture is mythology composed in this fully awakened state. It's said the only difference between mythology and history is that mythology is true. But mythology was written from this uniqueness . . . not to be interpreted by your senses. Seeing from this vast cosmic condition to your place on Earth, you must have the eyes of a hawk. And to use this vision in an effective way, you must also have the heart of a dove. The eyes of a hawk allow you to see greater detail from an even greater distance, and having the heart of a dove allows you to use this information, gathered in this acute vision, for the benefit of everyone. Using this humble nature with a vast vision can benefit life's purpose of growth.

Our prayer is that you set your vision of the Earth from a perspective far beyond the Earth; that you see your mission on the Earth from the furthest reaches well beyond the outer limits of this space; that you gather these views from your immortal Soul body and use them to guide the intentions of your mental, emotional and physical bodies for the benefit of everything else on Earth. What on Earth are you doing . . . for heaven's sake?

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