The Mirror of Your Experience 

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The Universe is a both a hologram and a mirror of your consciousness . . . reflecting images and experiences from the programming of your evolutionary history and destiny. Your consciousness is an assemblage of all the stories from throughout the entire history of your incarnations and generations . . . projected through the opportunities of your future destiny. Your evolution -- through nearly countless lives -- makes up the kaleidoscope of your body of consciousness. And the lives of your ancestors -- for seven generations -- all contribute to the makeup and experience of your physical body. Whenever you don't realize that your experience is a mirror of all this, that's when you're living in slavery. Freedom is to experience your experience, while acknowledging it as a reflection -- an assemblage of personal perspectives -- experienced through the window of your projected consciousness.

This all takes place within the mental body -- a combination of your brain, and its connection, or disconnection, with the Universal mind. When your brain is connected to the Universal mind -- done through consistent meditation and contemplation -- then your thoughts are fresh and intuitive. When there's a disconnect, your thoughts are gossipy, redundant, and ineffective in solving critical matters. Because your thinking and emoting is not original and intuitive, your hardships and challenges are repetitive as well . . . they keep showing up. When repeating challenges are tormenting you, it's time to look deep into the mirror; take full responsibility for everything taking place, and fully embrace the realization that this world is a true reflection of your consciousness. You are either experiencing a part of your history, or a projection through the lens of your destiny . . . either way it's you.

Our prayer is that you're ready to take on this responsibility; that you do so with the vigor and enthusiasm of real ownership. Settle -- once and for all -- all the repeating patterns . . . see yourself, as yourself, right there in the mirror of your experience . . .  and make the shifts that shift this reflection.

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