Your Highest Frequency

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You do not have a mind, you have a brain . . . the Universe has a mind that's broadcasting consistently at every frequency in the spectrum of all possibilities . . . from the enlightened and miraculous, to the extraordinary and inspired . . . all the way down to ugly, corrupted, grotesque, evil and demonic. All of these frequencies are available to your brain at all times. The frequency you've established in your brain will determine what thoughts you'll be thinking. Your thoughts are therefore not actually your thoughts, they're the thoughts being broadcast from the Universal mind -- picked up by your brain operating at that frequency.

The frequency of your brain is the key; this cosmic process determines the success of your life in every moment. The frequency of your brain is affected by every single thing in your life. This means everything you take in through your senses is important; everything you put into your body as food is critical; exercise is essential; everything you dwell upon with your existing thoughts and feelings, and everything you associate with; engage with; occupy yourself with . . . it all affects the frequency of your brain. And just like the tuner on a radio, the frequency of your brain will then tune into the thoughts at that frequency being broadcast from the Universal mind . . . you then hear these thoughts, which is the process of thinking. This demonstrates the importance of discipline, for it's the level of your discipline that determines the grace or awkwardness in managing the thoughts and feelings you experience. These thoughts and feelings are what control the quality of your life, and the degree of your success in each moment.

Our prayer is that you discipline your life to live at your highest frequency, to then receive the highest frequency of thoughts in each moment; that you use these thoughts for achieving your goals with the grace and many blessings of your accomplishments. Then teach others to do the same . . . the success will become viral . . . eventually, with time and high thoughts, you'll create an entire world of peaceful prosperity.

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