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Mind-masters represent intentional anomalies in the human experience, where an individual transforms the common pathways of collective neurosis into a guided pathway of higher purpose. Piece by piece they step with discipline on this pathway that makes it possible to discover the peace that exists at the core of every neurotic moment. This is the higher purpose of discipline and mind-mastery, for it’s this discipline that allows you to follow your subtle guidance while living in the physical world of gross matter. The doorways of discipline and mind-mastery hang on the hinges of gratitude . . . the conscious breath of thanksgiving. This is the component most missing from human life right now -- and when this is missing -- the doors of self-realization; self-authorization, and self-activation are stuck shut.

Great discipline always faces the confrontations that are guaranteed whenever you open these doors. “Who do you think you are?” “What right do you have?” “Who gives you the authority?” These internal and external questions are a part of the quest . . . the natural landscape beyond the doors. Thanksgiving and gratitude enable movement through these challenges that attempt to thwart you. Understand: as long as you’re on a quest -- you will be questioned . . . it’s fundamental. Discipline and mind-mastery combine the three neural-centers (gut, heart, and head), to see beyond these questions and produce a sense of connection without side-effects. But working from the head only -- as is taught in most schools -- creates the imbalance and drastic side-effects of separation -- which are discrimination; war; poverty; pollution and disease. Thanksgiving opens your observations to see beyond these separations and fulfill your quest.

Our prayer is that you are the ones who are ready, willing and able to affect this change challenge and growth; that you recognize you’re a mind-master with the discipline to transform common pathways of collective neurosis into a higher pathway of peace, gratitude and thanksgiving.

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