The Paradoxical Opportunities  

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Bees are heroes of the food supply. Essential for every living being, everywhere -- all life relies on these tiny animals to pollinate three-quarters of the world’s food. However, the conscious care of these little servants is being lost in a world that’s scrambling to live outside of nature. Bee populations globally are dying from ‘colony collapse disorder’. This completely misunderstood disaster has arrived with the imbalances created by unnatural human processes developed over the past decades resulting in massive epidemics of destructive mites, viruses, bacterias, funguses and the mis-use of toxic pesticides, medicines and chemicals. Looming disasters are now at a systemic level and must be addressed immediately for humanity to survive the twenty-first century.

This new year -- 2019 -- is (2+0+1+9) equaling 12 is (1+2) equaling 3 in numerology. A year of 3 is a triangle, the strongest form in geometry, and triangulation represents the constant possibility of a third position -- an elevated paradox -- right alongside every polarity/challenge. Triangulation is the ability to solve unresolved polarities . . . challenges for which there seems to be no known solution. In this twenty-first century, a year of 3 appears every 9 years, and this is desperately needed to solve for the current systemic issues: climate change; gender inequality; bigotry and xenophobia; uneven concentration of wealth; uneven distribution of food, and the bee populations that are under siege. These are all challenges that an ‘elevated paradox’ has the inherent capacities to solve for.

Our prayer is that you allow yourself to be an instrument in the resolution of these unsolved challenges; that you notice the paradoxical opportunities that are always right there alongside you; that you have the courage to voice them ‘way out loud’ and place yourself in the uncomfortable position of standing out and making your voice known. Happy New Year . . . a year of new resolutions . . . be one of the voices that voices them.

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